Clare College Class of 1969

Careers Retrospective

For the Class of 1969, this year marked the 50th anniversary of joining Clare. A reunion dinner was held in College in April 2019, and, since the COVID-19 crisis, a further meeting was organised on Zoom to reflect on their experiences since matriculation.

Convened by Year Group Representative, Mohammed Amin, and chaired by Roger Camrass, the participants shared their journeys since leaving Clare.

Mohammed Amin

Read Mathematics. Main career – Tax adviser.

Nick Bell

Read English. Main career – TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Paul Bristow

Read French and German. Main career – Civil servant, Parliamentary adviser.

Dr Richard Butland

Read Medical Sciences Tripos. Main career – Consultant General and Thoracic Physician; Medical expert to the Court on industrial lung disease.

Roger Camrass

Read Natural Sciences (Part I); Electrical Sciences (Part II). Main career – Information Technology adviser.

Gregory Dunstan

Read Geography. Main career – Ordained Priest.

Stephen Isaacs

Read Medical Sciences + Archaeology and Anthropology. Main career – Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, and Psychoanalyst.

Francis Brendan Jacobs

Read History and Law. Main career – European Parliament staff member.

Richard Le Corney

Read Mathematics. Career – Computer Programmer, Marketer, Teacher.

Peter Newley

Read Engineering. Main career – Mechanical Engineer.